1989 Chev K1500, splicing in a GM 12200411.

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1989 Chev K1500, splicing in a GM 12200411.

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Hi have most of the parts to run a 24X 411 on a SBC gen1 OBD1, looking for advances in ignition control with coil per cylinder. If I done more research I may have gone a different way- but the hole is deep now;)

- existing 7747 style DynamicEFI EBL Flash- pretty much a standalone, truck was converted from TBI to port TPI- batch.
- 700r4- this is giving me an application problem.

Installed EFI Connection's 24X reluctor and timing cover, have all major parts. BUT the 411 won't control older style lockup and I really don't want to spend for a 4L60E as the 700r4 has all the good parts.

- leave 700r4 as is, it is well built and so far reliable.
- leave 7747 as is
- share TPS, MAP between 7747/411, 7747 to control converter lock up (not ideal sharing sensors, I know- a second MAP could be added)
- cruise, leave with 7747
- iac to 411
- ac control to 411 (iac/e fans)
- temp to 411
- e fans to 411
- tach from 411
- oil pres senor to 411?
- PRND trans status? Needed?
- can 411 log WB O2?
- send out drive line ebrake disk and machine to tone wheel (40 tooth)

What's your thoughts?
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