Programing question.

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Programing question.

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Is the microcontroller for the FreeEMS and the Motorola 68HC11 happen to the same or atleast similar programing languages? I have the GM 89 5.7 TBI ecm main code and the 89 5.0 TBI calmap data and trying to decode the ecm main code and while its in the language, I don't know the language so its kinda hard to understand what I'm looking at exactly. Or if anyone just happens to already know the details of the gm tbi setup esp the math, details of the ecm board I/O details, since all IC chips been given delco part no's, any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Programing question.

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Similar instruction set, but if you're reverse engineering, you're looking at assembly, which FreeEMS mostly does not use.

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