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Author:  guillermdev [ Sat Nov 19, 2016 9:59 pm ]
Post subject:  uNicoEFI

Let's go....

After several weeks to get some information and tried to understand.

My project (i had begin to explain in a bad section)
for my ecu, I need the following feature :

- use only 4 cylinder
- rpm/throttle map for injection and ignition
- possibility to sequential, semi-sequential, or full group injection
- i use only high impedance injector 14-16ohms
- possibility to wasted spark or sequential ignition
- possibility to use logic coils (with integred drivers/controller) or high current coil
- Toothed wheel with missing tooth (60-2,36-1)
- Ambient Absolute Pressure (barometric) , Intake Air Temperature (IAT) and Coolant Temperature
- crank and cam sensor VR
- user programable output (relay coolant, fuel pump, shiftlight...)
- launch control (with variable rpm)
- Tacho output
- Wideband lambda controller maybe intregerd ?
- Knock ?
- USB Conector (ftdi)

In a first time , before to begin schematic, I would like to acquire a CPU Board. For try and discover. How use freeems software, how use a firmware, and send it un the cpu ... how is built a code, how that works ...

For the CPU board can i use the CoolEFI Rocket XDP512. It is interesting because i can use it directly after in my future mainboard?

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