Andreas' Jaguar .7 alpha for Karmann Ghia

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Andreas' Jaguar .7 alpha for Karmann Ghia

Post by Andreas »

I need to get this going. Most of the car's mechanical stuff is together. It is now a matter of getting the Jaguar board hooked up so I can get the engine running.

I needed advice on wire strain relief. I planned on soldering wires from the board and using spade connectors near the components/sensors to connect to them. I know it is easier to disconnect the board from the car with just one big connector, but I shouldn't really ever have to do that, right? How hard is it to disconnect 15 (?) wires?

I have the aluminum enclosure that Andy supplies. Could I drill holes in the ends of the enclosure, and run the individual wires through? Could I use cable ties on the inside or maybe even some silicone/Goop/E6000 around the holes to make sure the wires aren't pulled out from the board?

Also, where can I get the software I need to test the board and load the code?

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Re: Andreas' Jaguar .7 alpha for Karmann Ghia

Post by Fred »

If you're going to do that, do the connectors at the ECU end so you can pull the box and test it out of the car should the need arise, or for any other reason such as welding on the body, etc.

I put a loom together for my whore ECU recently and used nasty crimp-on bullet connectors throughout the bay to interconnect things, with soldered connections to the PC power supply molex connectors to suit the whore ECU setup.

Those power supply and motherboard connectors are easy to come by, and you can just buy an extension cable or two for them, and cut it in half to gain up to 48 pins with reversed gender so it can't be plugged in wrongly.

Mine is 48 but only a subset are used. I have outputs on one side and inputs on the other, with power/ground mixed through as appropriate. Lets me use it in more than one car, too. Currently two vehicles are being run off one Jaguar with firmware swap, and RPM input configuration switch thrown over (VR vs Hall).

To test the board (at least enough for your application/setup) you need configured firmware, power, grounds, and some sort of RPM input to provide the main signal.

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