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Re: Rob's '97 R33 Skyline (38th)

Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:21 pm
by Fred
Corbon wrote:R33 now has subframe locking spacers/disks fitted.
Sweet. I need to fit my fake gopro to the back of the Stagea and give it a drive. Pretty sure I can hear it clunking around with throttle applications/removals.
Corbon wrote:Also cracked the diff drain bung to make room for some fresh synthetic oil. It can sit for a day or two to let all the old stuff leave.
Be sure to rotate the wheels 1/4 turn every say 6 hours through that period so that various concave shapes have a chance to go south. I also assume the diff/car is on an appropriate angle such that the drain is the lowest point.
Corbon wrote:Going to have to acquire and/or rig up some kind of bottle and hose setup to fill the diff. Looks like it will be a bit of contortionist fun to get in between the subframe to the filler hole.
Hmmm, photo? I can't recall doing this or having issues doing it, but I know there are several different style subframes, so... :-)

Re the WBO2, we already verified that power is clean and ample this time, right? That was the cause the first time.

Thinking about that some more, the cap seems likely. Improving the wiring temporarily helped it, cap degraded further, ceased working again due to self-caused interference?