Sean's R1 Powered Desert Rail (17th)

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Re: Sean's R1 Powered Desert Rail (17th)

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Wow, nice work! What exactly is the PowerEFI? Is ist your own board design or some other board, modded to run FreeEMS Fw?
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Re: Sean's R1 Powered Desert Rail (17th)

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Thanks :)

I started off tuning OEM ECUs some 10 years ago and that progressed into standalone systems, primarily MoTec and then megasquirt. It was around the time I got into megasquirt, when I organized my efforts into what I named PowerEFI. To sum it up, it's a small business I started some 6 years ago.

Shortly after, I realized that the MS V3.0 board had serious issues, I spent many long nights working out *odd bugs on installs. After dealing with a couple installs like that, I figured I would spin my own board. Then BAM I was hit with the fact that I was somehow duped into thinking MS was FOSS. So I inquired about a licence, IIRC the price was reasonable, but as time went on I was finding out it was too flawed. Guys would complain about funny idle control and drive-ability issues etc. More or less they were happy customers as their engines made good power, but in most situations they expect near OEM quality drive-ability and MS2 just couldn't do it in most cases. Ultimately it started to tarnish my reputation.

Out of necessity, I came across FreeEMS while scouring the internet for a better solution. It's a solid opportunity, IMO there is no way to know a product better, than if you had a hand in creating it. The F16 is not modded to run FreeEMS, it's tailored to run it. I'm limiting F16 installs to ones that I can perform myself. Documentation and testing are a bit too thin for "general consumption" at this time. The videos seem to make it look promising though ;)
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Re: Sean's R1 Powered Desert Rail (17th)

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Sean0 wrote:I'm showing .9 lambda at idle with a 2.1mS(3.1 effective)
electrical pw > effective pw, not the other way around (usually).

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