Marcos' 2002 Fiat Palio In Argentina (6th)

If you're running FreeEMS on any engine whether it be in a vehicle or not, please post about it here!
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Marcos' 2002 Fiat Palio In Argentina (6th)

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OMG, I might have reached the supreme ilumination. Is the Universe starting threads for me?

Okay, lets talk about the mighty Palio.

Its a 1.3L 16v engine, stuffed with a Bosch ECU, that has been partially replaced by a Puma with FreeEMS setup.

The firware was slightly modified to get the M-N decoder to work with this crank wheel, and it used 2 outputs for 2 pairs of injectors. The only sensors it used were MAP, IAT, and the wheel position, and as you can see, the wildly improvised setup was wired up at the top of a mountain, with the tools I had lying around in the car, at 1200km of my home :)

Video: ... du_feedlik

I bet it would idle a lot better if it had a proper CHT (engine/coolant temperature) measuring, but for that I needed more time, and I'm not sure how the stock EMS will react to the lack of that sensor.

This is the thing: The bosch ecu is in charge of many things besides the engine. All the panel instruments, the radio, ABS (though this model doesn't have it), and probably a bunch of other things are communicated to the ECU through a CAN bus, so I believe I just can't remove the stock computer that easy.

So, until I hack the CAN bus, the stock ECU will be in there, and it will run in limp mode (Puma took MAP and IAT from the stock ecu), with some duplicated sensors (it has 2 VR attached to the crank wheel).

I've been biulding a DB37 connector, in a MS-fashion for the Puma board, which by now it took me 2 weeks and its not finished (!).

Ok, on the plus side, I'm working 10hs/day in a quite big military/aerospace company, so I'm exposed to lots of good ideas and designs to improve this board :-)

I expect to finish the connector in no time, wire up the car and do some thousands of kilometers running freeems. The final setup will be sequential fuel delivery and wasted spark. Oh, and the car has no cam sensor, so I have to do some magic with the coils to get some phase information.

I'll do 1000km in 3 days, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get all the wiring done... Sleeping 4 hours/day for a month wears me out.

I'll put some pics when te setup is properly installed :-)
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