Fred's "Hotel Hyundai" 1988 Stellar! (3rd)
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Author:  Fred [ Wed Oct 31, 2018 1:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fred's "Hotel Hyundai" 1988 Stellar! (3rd)

Ended up shelling out around 90-100 bucks including courier to get a replacement hall sensor module after I exposed the open collector to raw 12v with my rats nest of wires a while back. Doh.

Tested the wiring and installed it tonight, plugs out, sync, outputs firing, oil pressure up. Plugs in, no sync, no outputs, just frustration.

Grabbed the laptop, looked at the source, used hex edit in EMStudio to adjust/disable the protections, in the hope that it wouldn't bend a rod/bust a gasket, and it fired right up and ran smooth as silk.

Logged it running in that state and the new apparently angles from the new hall sensor are way different, but completely consistent from low to high RPM. Maybe the new one is more accurate? I swear the old one changed with RPM. Anyway...

Drove it out onto the street and in the process realised the brakes were in bad shape, no pressure, long travel, weak force, not safe to drive amongst traffic or down a hill. Doh. Fingers crossed it's just low on fluid.

Also needs some rust repairs, a clean, and a general tidy up as WOF is due in about a week. Sigh.

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