Bugs and Features!

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Bugs and Features!

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Hello potential FreeEMS users!

As the main developer of the FreeEMS firmware, I've got a limited amount of time to spend on each of my many tasks and as such, I need to prioritise my work.

The main point of this thread is to let you know that if you have hardware setup and are ready to test and need code to proceed, you are my priority.

Coming in first equal are those that have got their cars running and need more/new features or bug fixes to be happy and make them run REALLY well. To show just how much I want testers, I'm willing to provide personal support over phone, chat, email, carrier pigeon, for the firmware to the first people to run their engines on FreeEMS. EDIT: viewtopic.php?f=41&t=2211 END EDIT. The balance of my time goes to scheduled work as per the roadmap on the issue tracker site, and web maintenance and improvements to provide a better documentation experience for everyone involved.

So, if you've got hardware wired to your engine and need a decoder, post a thread in this section, and if it's not currently planned, the response will be to fill out a feature request on the issue tracker. Likewise, if you're in dire need of some feature or bug fix and you've confirmed that it's a firmware problem, fill out the appropriate report on the issue tracker for that too. In this way we can keep proper track of what needs to be done, and relative priorities without forgetting anything for anyone.

The issue tracker is here: http://issues.freeems.org

Getting a new login is straight forward and you'll be able to report issues right away! For those who have never used an issue tracker before, I've written a detailed guide here. Filling out a firmware report is straight forward, and basically just means following these steps:
  • Category - From the drop down list, choose the one best suited to your bug or request.
  • Reproducibility - Only for bug report use, leave blank for feature requests.
  • Severity - For a feature request, choose "feature", for a bug report, choose appropriately.
  • Priority - Leave as "normal", a developer will change it to something more appropriate if necessary.
  • Product Version - The version you found the bug in, leave blank for feature requests.
  • Assign To - Unless you know who is best, leave it blank and it will be delegated appropriately.
  • Target Version - Leave this blank if it is visible, this is for the developer to decide.
  • Summary - The title to display for this issue report.
  • Description - Any/all details that you have about the bug or feature.
  • Steps To Reproduce - For bug use only, leave empty for feature requests.
  • Additional Information - If there is secondary information that doesn't belong in the description, put it here.
  • Issue Type - From the drop down list, choose bug, new feature, or improvement, as appropriate.
  • Risk of Breakage - Leave this blank if it is visible, this is for the developer to decide.
More detail is available in the issue tracker user guide!

I look forward to working with you! :-)

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