Currently Supported Configurations

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Re: Currently Supported Configurations

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Fred wrote:Figured as much! Mind if I move these posts to the intro thread or a new thread of your own? I linked a GM enthusiast who might know what you mean off the top of his head. Hopefully he pipes up and responds at some point soon :-) Welcome to the site, either way!
DeuceEFI wrote: Sounds great
DueceEFI wrote:Depending on your transmission you may or may not need to control the shifting. My Trofeo has what is basically a GM TH400 in design (for a front wheel drive configuration) and only has a vacuum modulator. My Deuce is running a GM 700R4 and only needs one output from the ECM to lock up the torque convertor during cruise and this can be done with an output from the ECM or with a vacuum controlled switch. If you have a more modern electronic shifted GM transmission then we should talk about my TCM (transmission control module) that I am developing for the GM 4L60e and GM 4L80e
I want to start testing with my 98 Buick Lesebre (4t60e) after I figure out how to make everything work together I think I will start building a turbo buick v6 Volvo wagon. :D
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Re: Currently Supported Configurations

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Fred, long time~no talk: What the status on a slant six sequential injection using a 36-1 wheel and EDIS-6? Id use a "6 minus 5" neutered reluctor electronic distributor as a CPS. I think the EDIS-6 acts just like a standard points/electronic distributor to Free-EMS, correct? Ive been out of the game for so long, you guys are probably on Jag 1.0 now....
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Re: Currently Supported Configurations

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Not much has changed on that front. Lots has changed on other fronts. No EDIS support was ever developed. I can't even fully remember exactly how the EDIS signal flow works. Life's been super busy!

Also, unless you have a huge turbo with huge injectors, sequential is overrated IMO. Semi-sequential provides more upsides and fewer downsides overall.

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