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Author:  Fred [ Thu Sep 13, 2012 1:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Users, Please Help The Developers!

fred@cheetah:~/workspaces/eclipse/freeems-vanilla/src$ git tag --list -n1 *TEST*
PRIVATE.REQUIRES.TESTING hotel short log - Preston/hotel, allows deletion of previous variant.
PUBLIC.REQUIRES.TESTING 2 input J series - Peter/Honda, allows deletion of 2 previous variants, and inclusion, triple savings.
PUBLIC.REQUIRES.TESTING2 VR edge even - Preston/4age
PUBLIC.REQUIRES.TESTING3 4and2 - Henta/Miata or Simis/volvo

Currently I have 15 branches not in master. I'm not happy about this, but it's mostly my fault. I also have two "last used" branches hanging around. And a few pointless remotes too

  • 3 are public and require testing and integration
  • 1 is a hack for Preston which requires testing
  • 5 are notes on future changes
  • 4 are local hacks for my use
  • 2 are partly finished commits that I should do further work on

Hopefully we can get the three that don't involve pillow cases out of the way soon! The 4 local hacks aren't going away any time soon. The two commits and 5 notes should get cleared up ASAP, though.

Peter, if the branch currently in my repo works for you, please clear up some remotes:

git push origin :dev # I have a backup of this anyway
git push origin :forPeterToResetTo
git push origin :2inputJseriesDecoder


Author:  Fred [ Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Users, Please Help The Developers!


Author:  Fred [ Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Users, Please Help The Developers!


Everyone! Go forth ^

Author:  malcom2073 [ Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Users, Please Help The Developers!

And more!


Author:  Fred [ Sun May 05, 2013 2:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Users, Please Help The Developers!

Hello users! I would like to push current dev to master at some point, before I do that, I need you to be updated, using it, and verifying that it's not broken. I tested it thoroughly myself, however I want it proved in the real world too. So far Sim and Andy are successfully driving around on it, but both using the same decoder. This change did mean different code changes to different decoders, so each must be verified independently.

Check list for 256 for user-acceptance testing:

  • Core framework code TESTED! (Sim and Andy)
  • Even teeth + sync TESTED! (Sim and Andy)
  • J Series decoder PENDING USER TESTING
  • Hall effect dizzy Exempt, as not in regular use, and Presto in Dubai! WTF.
  • Missing teeth PENDING USER TESTING
  • GM LT1 CAS Exempt, as bench tested by Sean, and unlikely for him to pull his finger out and drive his still-broken-after-two-years Camaro.
  • MitsiAndMazda-CAS-4and1 Exempt, as not in use at this time.
  • MitsiAndMazda-CAS-4and2 Exempt, as not public/finished yet.

I now realise, after writing this, that the only person I need testing from right now, is Peter. Sorry dude! Slater got destroyed, and Spudmn hasn't been seen in months. Might have testing of J Series decoder on another engine any day now, but it'd be great if you could test on your truck. Thanks in advance!

PS, dump out a set of tables one at a time, as the tune reload stuff is a bit iffy. Hentai's looked like this:

      465  2013-05-02 13:37   HentaiSavedFinalDwell.json
      521  2013-05-02 13:38   HentaiSavedFinalETE.json
      469  2013-05-02 13:37   HentaiSavedFinalIDT.json
     2711  2013-05-02 13:36   HentaiSavedFinalLambdaMap.json
      467  2013-05-02 13:37   HentaiSavedFinalPriming.json
   169594  2013-05-02 13:48   HentaiSavedFinal.s19
     4318  2013-05-02 13:36   HentaiSavedFinalTimingMap.json
    63412  2013-05-02 13:26   HentaiSavedFinalTune.json
     4529  2013-05-02 13:35   HentaiSavedFinalVEMap.json

So for him, I dumped 3 3D tables, 4 2D tables, a full dump, and saved his S19 which he emailed me, too. Recommended that you do that for both Honda and Truck. If you send me the Honda ones, I'll get them into the code base. You said you weren't happy with the truck setup anyway.


Author:  Fred [ Tue May 07, 2013 8:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Users, Please Help The Developers!

Hello people!

I will be very busy tomorrow and Thursday so won't have a lot of time to test EMStudio for Mike.

The work that he's doing, and thorough testing of it, is absolutely critical and crucial to the project as a whole.

Please get involved and make every effort to test EMStudio this evening after he introduces some more fixes, and/or tomorrow and/or Thursday, and possibly even Friday or the weekend.

To get the correct code, clone or fetch from his repo on github, and checkout the fredfixes branch, then do a full clean build (don't risk partial builds).

I absolutely NEED / REQUIRE EMStudio to be solid and functional by Friday morning, at the latest.

Currently known outstanding issues are:

  • Table import for 3D and 2D does not exist, only export.
  • Full-tune import/export is broken and structural integrity/matching is not functioning correctly. Previously it pretended to work and did bad things.
  • Reset detection does not provide any feedback to users, or isn't there at all.

Hopefully Mike has time to fix these three fairly key items before Friday morning.

You can help right now by grabbing that branch, testing it in every way shape and form, and familiarising yourself with the above weaknesses (and anything else you can find!) so that you know how to recognise them as being fixed after he fixes them.

Thanks in advance, I'm counting on you all!


Author:  andg [ Wed May 08, 2013 6:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Users, Please Help The Developers!

The only major thing I found was if I had an offline json file open and I opened it again it threw a bad error. I'd like to see a drop down for the COM interface too.

Author:  Peter [ Tue May 14, 2013 12:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Users, Please Help The Developers!

My car wouldn't run on with the missing tooth decoder off the dev branch.
In main/decoders/code/Missingteeth-Either-XminusY.c
TCTL4 = 0x04;

In the MakeFile line ~276.
MissingTeeth-Cam-6minus2:   $(S19DIR)/$(LABEL)-MissingTeeth-Cam-6minus2.s19

Using terminal command
CLIFLAGS=PETERJSERIES make clean MissingTeeth-Cam-6minus2

The firmware using the decoder for my engine off the dev branch works, but Fred already knows that. I think he just likes bold red font.

Author:  Fred [ Tue May 14, 2013 1:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Users, Please Help The Developers!

Thanks for trying, Peter! Any chance of sending me the log of it failing to run on missing tooth code?

Author:  Fred [ Sun Oct 27, 2013 2:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Users, Please Help The Developers!

It's that time again, people! Time to get some stuff done for me! :-)

I do not have config on file for these vehicles/engines/people:

Who CAN do something to help, and soon:

  • ToxicGumbo Toxic Tacoma - needs a free rev tune (when???), and a wideband (this is in the mail and can go in without the FreeEMS and replace the OEM narrowband)
  • Aitor's Sierra - Needs to build two branches one with his old m$ tune, one with flat tables, and log/video both.
  • MrOnion's OnionMobile - Needs to digitise his tuning efforts, and consolidate his config efforts, and get it committed, logged, then I can integrate it.
  • Engine 19 and 20 - I have most of 20, and can get the balance, and get some logs from a fresh code setup. In my hands, mostly.

If your name is above, and isn't Fred, then please help! :-)

Who can't do something to help, for a while:

  • Daniel's VolvoMerc - Needs a chassis, and tune, not holding my breath here.
  • Sean's R1 setup - Not easily cleanly separable from his feature additions, so this is a long way off, too.
  • Mike's V8 - Not tuned at all, rocking a hacked decoder, needs some assistance in debugging the setup.

Who won't be likely to get done:

  • Hotcat's frenchy - I've never seen this config, and he's been AWOL for many months, hope he's OK.
  • Marcos' Fiat - ROFL, no. Shame on him for leaving everyone high and dry. Go Presto for trying to solve it.
  • My wife's car - Long story, but no, not for a while, maybe never :-(

In other news, I have testers waiting for me to finish some work I promised weeks ago, so I should pull finger on that and get it to them.


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