New here introduction, question, and also details.

FreeEMS topics that aren't specific to hardware development or firmware development.
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Re: New here introduction, question, and also details.

Post by Sam »

Alright, will do! Yeah I figured it's probably about time I wrap up this thread and move to the technical part of the forum. I have a lot of stuff to handle and a lot of things to talk about. Right now I'm still figuring out a trans controller.
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Re: New here introduction, question, and also details.

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Well been lurking for a while and now ready to dive in.
Firstly I'm not looking for plug and play otherwise I wouldnt be here.
I have a good understanding of schematics and components (but always ready to learn).
Most importantly I'm prepared to help and contribute to the greater good.

Primarily I will be focusing on my own goals and build but assisting with development of more universal applications.

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Re: New here introduction, question, and also details.

Post by Fred »

Gidday Ken, welcome to something you can find in every corner of the internet: A ghost forum :-) I still check it regularly but even I haven't posted very much for a while.

I have just built a new desk with enough room for a test/soldering area and I still want to finish some of the branches that are awesome but half done and share the whole lot publicly. I run an old stale version on one of my daily driver cars "dog fooding" and a hacked together branch like a few others who I trust on another that works VERY well. Hardware is still an issue, harder and harder to get and not much support and dev going on there unfortunately. If I get the firmware where I want it I might do something about that even if it costs me a few thousand dollars.

I own 18 cars right now and a good half of them are destined to have FreeEMS on them so for at the VERY least me, it will never be dead :-D ToxicGumbo is still driving his truck around with it and Corbon still has his R33 with it and johntramp has his AE86 with it, not sure who else still runs it on their stuff. If they do, they do so very quietly :-D

Corbon (Rob) and I are good friends and live nearby and sometimes hack on it together. He too would like to see it pushed closer to the end goal, though his car runs beautifully even if I do say so myself.

I have some ideas about improving the build system that I want to implement using some skills I've picked up working in the last 5 years that will make it more accessible to anyone on any OS (actually pioneered by Mathew Via though I never had a close look at what he did, I'd probably do it differently anyway).

Do a users rides thread, if you wish :-) or link a social media account if you have your vehicle(s) on there. Whatever, no pressure. - where Open Source means Open Source, and Free means Freedom - the open source engine management system
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