What is the state of FreeEMS

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What is the state of FreeEMS

Post by russian »

I open http://freeems.org/ today, in April of 2020, and it says "FreeEMS is a Free and Open Source Engine Management System that is currently under
heavy development."

There is a link to https://github.com/FreeEMS/freeems-vanilla which says "The main trunk of FreeEMS firmware development from now into the future!" and it also says Latest commit on Jun 21, 2014

That's a bit confusing. Can someone please clarify

1) is this an open EMS system?
2) is this EMS system under heavy development?
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Re: What is the state of FreeEMS

Post by Fred »

1. Yes.
2. Intermittently and from time to time, not continuously any more.
3. github isn't up to date though
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