Wider Availability Of Ultimate Series Tools
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Author:  Fred [ Wed Aug 27, 2014 8:21 am ]
Post subject:  Wider Availability Of Ultimate Series Tools

For those who have significantly supported me in the past, or continue to support me now, Ultimate series tools shall now be made more widely available.


  • Donations made without request by me in the past (in bulk) or the present (in any quantity over and above what I consider these tools are worth).
  • Respect the licensing terms included in the applications including permanently destroying all copies if the terms are unacceptable and/or when the tools expire.
  • Demonstrate a genuine need for the tools, IE, you're using vanilla FreeEMS on your vehicle and/or participating in assisting others in using it via log review or in-person help.
  • Have consistently demonstrated a genuine loyalty to me, to the FreeEMS project, and to this community's future, over a long period.
  • Pledge to provide detailed and timely feedback on any tool being used, especially negative feedback, which is required to develop software to a high standard.

Why Now?

I've raised the overall quality of the tools in various ways recently and included proper licensing information for third party components. IE, it's now in a suitable state to distribute both technically and legally. Initial distribution will be in the form of raw jar files and .deb packages only. Windows executables and installers, and Mac OS X DMGs and PKGs will not be made available for the medium term.


As I continue to develop these tools, a number of things will happen:

  • They'll get more professional and feature-complete
  • They'll get more commercial, robust and secure
  • The method and style of distribution will change

Possibly other things, too. They're already best-in-class in many ways, however in other ways they all remain lacking in certain areas. Those weak points are the highest priority and are periodically being fixed and upgraded. Especially when a real and urgent need arises with a bonafide user.


Your loyalty and usefulness to me in bringing these tools up to the standard they need to be at will be rewarded appropriately. By this I mean that those who have done me big favours will get lifetime access to tools so long as they continue to use the FreeEMS firmware and require tools. This in contrast with others who have given out software for testing and then later forced core supporters and testers to pay up for a full version.


I need these tools and their stability and agility in terms of change to keep me as unaffected by external issues as possible. I also need a PC-side platform to rapidly try out ideas that cross the firmware/PC border. Both aspects are essential to my continued productivity, especially when I'm busy with other things like maintaining my cars and earning a living.

If you're interested in using either the Ultimate Loader or the Ultimate Log Viewer, or other tools in future, please contact me via PM, IM, email or phone for further details.

Thanks for your support!


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