FreeTherm & Windows

A thermistor curve calculator and simple code generator program used to develop FreeEMS and generate compile time curves for your custom sensors. Written by Fred and Shameem.
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FreeTherm & Windows

Post by whizzo944 »

Hello All,
I can't get FreeTherm 0.6 to run under Win7 x64, but FreeTherm 0.5 runs
I installed the needed files for GTK and GTK# and Mono
My questions are :-
What settings do I use in FreeTherm 0.5 ?
How do I decide the optimum bias resistor ?


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Re: FreeTherm & Windows

Post by Fred »

IIRC, you need to be running anew unreleased version for some reason.

However, unless you have a nonstandard sensor, you don't need to use it at all.

Choosing a bias resistor comes down to a compromise between accuracy in one place and accuracy in another.

Settings wise, you just need the curve for your sensor(s), and some knowledge of the firmware structure to use the output. - where Open Source means Open Source, and Free means Freedom - the open source engine management system
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