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Author:  Fred [ Mon Jan 20, 2014 12:08 am ]
Post subject:  Users' Rides Thread Guide

I have what appears to be a complex set of guidelines for posting threads about your car and electronic/code adventures. Possibly it's only complex because I never documented it? We're about to find out.

Users' Rides Section

Post a thread in this section if you're a member of the site, have a car/bike/boat/plane/etc, and want to share info about that car, mods to it, upgrades, build details, etc. IE, this section is unrelated to FreeEMSness/desire/intent. Hence being in the "Open Forums" section. This is something that you typically do as part of your "hello diyefi world" introduction early on in your membership of the site.

Your ECU Build

On the other hand, if you're building a FreeEMS unit to run that car, post a thread about the ECU hardware/software experience! Post that in DIY HW for DIY hardware, Jaguar for Jaguar, etc. It's better to keep this separate from your users' rides thread otherwise sometimes it's hard to find info when you/we need it. Not posting a thread is also a BIG mistake. Without a record of log files and discussions it's hard to remember what went on, what was tried, what worked, etc.

You Ran On FreeEMS

If you actually get your car running on FreeEMS, post a thread in the FreeEMS Vehicles section and link to either/both of the above threads that you already posted.

I hope this clears it up! :-)


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