FOR SALE: MS2 setup for MS2Extra with 4cyl COP [SOLD!]
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Author:  Fred [ Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:11 am ]
Post subject:  FOR SALE: MS2 setup for MS2Extra with 4cyl COP [SOLD!]

My MS2 box! Was installed in my truck for 4 years, and did minimal mileage. It's setup for COP using low current input J701 external ignitors and uses the standard low Z fuel drivers. It has a second power input pin over standard as this is a weakness in the MS design. I made about 400hp at the crank using this box and VERY old alpha code, I imagine that MS2Extra is much better now than it was. The input hardware is setup for an optical CAS that pulls down during a slot such as those found on almost every 4g63 and all FE-DOHC and F8-DOHC and MX5 and Miata and other fwd B6 and BP engines, etc. Hyundai also use this on their 4g63 variants. Mine has one LED for each main output (fuel and ign) which is invaluable when debugging an install.

Bad things:

* Needs double sided tape to hold the second input circuit to the case, currently on fly leads inside loose.
* Should really have buffered the outputs to the ignitors with a logic chip. Current (as per old ms docs) has 330 ohm series resistors to the ignitors from the CPU. This is bad/wrong, but has worked reliably for a long time.
* I don't think I ever conformal coated it? But, I left it stored for 2.5 years and it started fairly quickly after all that time.
* It doesn't run the current limit resistors - this is a conscious choice to ensure good opening performance and doesn't matter unless you do a bad job wiring it up.
* a few holes drilled in the case for various reasons, now unused.

Good things:

* Unused VR circuit that its tested and works fine with a 36-1 from a ford escort (uk/us market fwd) to 7500rpm
* All the stuff in the first paragraph that dosn't come stock on a ms box.
* Well tested and proven in a high power application.

The only issues I've had with it have been my own fault, mostly wiring stuff between the ms box and the engine/car. A good well supported db37 plug and harness would prevent that.

MS boxes have bad ground and power path design. I strongly recommend:

* Heavy power and ground wiring for MS box installs.
* Low Z injectors driven NOT from the MS box, but from one of Jean's P&H boards. (high Z is fine to drive from the MS box)
* Ignition driven from external ignitors.

I'm open for offers, these are worth 253USD in kit form from diyautotune, or 410usd in built form, BUT, that's with no mods. If you have a 4 cyilnder under 500hp this is a good start, especially mazda and mitsubishi setups.

DOES NOT COME WITH A HARNESS, does come with enough support to figure out my mods/pin outs etc. Non-Free and/or can provide further support.

Perfect for a noob to get a fast car running on!

PM or email me with offers :-)

Comments/questions in this thread welcome, I'm an open book!


Author:  Spudmn [ Thu Apr 07, 2011 4:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: FOR SALE: MS2 setup for MS2Extra with 4cyl COP

Hey you sold it.
I bet your happy to get that off your hands. :D

Author:  Fred [ Thu Apr 07, 2011 7:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: FOR SALE: MS2 setup for MS2Extra with 4cyl COP

Yeah, if the guy gets me the cash quick enough, otherwise he'll dip out, and FreeMS2 will have a test unit :-)

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