Trailer Improvements
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Author:  Fred [ Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Trailer Improvements

Also, with respect those cages, they'd seen some internal impacts and abuse and had been stretched a bit etc. IE, more wire = better. Perhaps something like this or this:

25x25x4.0 galv mesh: ... 1725932708 (22.75kg, $101.75)
50x50x5.3 galv mesh: ... 1725932676 (20.00kg, $104.50)

Both about 20kg and $100 per sheet. Bother heavier in different ways than the stuff on the rentals above. Didn't measure the wire, but could.

Finer wire, finer mesh = worse impact resistance, but less stuff will slip through.
Thick wire, coarse mesh = better impact resistance, but more stuff will slip through.

Have 1360x2 + 2400x2 to do, sheets are 1200x2400, height 800 probably, best approach is probably:

sheets cut into thirds length ways
sides made of two panels of mesh with a vertical support in the middle = 4 segments for sides
2 segments left over insufficient for front and back, but only just, hmmm, deficit is 160mm
If sides protrude to front edge of front gate and back edge of tail gate, then 1360 is reduced by thickness of verticals
Using 25x50 box for verticals at each side of the front and/or rear and another the same in the middle leaves only a 10mm deficit total
And 4 places to take up the slack = 2.5mm each plus 0.5mm each of cut down the mesh - easily bridgeable with weld

Therefore I can get away with exactly 3 sheets, with that scheme or a similar one.

Images cached for the record:



Author:  Fred [ Sun Sep 30, 2018 12:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Trailer Improvements

Fresh WOF on Saturday morning and proceeded to cut the trailer up and start some of the fixes.

Hitch mounting plate now has 10mm plate and 10mm gusset below with 19mm hole for the chain attachment.

Old bent stuff was 6.5mm plate and 3mm mangled gusset below. Huge improvement.

Interestingly, the box under the plate was sealed/dry for 10 or 15 years since I rebuilt it. You could still see the heat marks from welding and there was no surface rust. Nice.

Shouted the old girl a new 1.5 tonne rated shackle and fresh 1200kg chain, too. Looks mint contrasting against the black zinc primer I finished the front in.

Greased the bottom of the hitch, top of plate, and new 12.9 grade cap screws and cone-lock nuts with amsoil waterproof grease.

Changed girl. Much nicer. Safer. Better looking. Win.

Next? Probably the jockey wheel relocate downward and lighter weight. After that it's a full on rework session for a full weekend with all supplies on hand already.

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