Fred's Fleet Maintenance Diary
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Author:  Fred [ Mon Jul 11, 2016 5:33 am ]
Post subject:  Fred's Fleet Maintenance Diary

I was trying to do this in a spreadsheet, but that was a little onerous. Currently several are overdue for oil/filter, one less than this morning, which I ticked off today. Most are overdue for brake fluid. Many are overdue for coolant. Let's not even talk about power steering and transmission/diff oils.

Standard maintenance items for me are:

  • Oil/filter 5kkm to 10kkm depending on usage and quality
  • ATF - on purchase with synth, 20kkm thereafter? 50kkm thereafter? No idea, really.
  • Brake fluid on purchase, 2 yearly, with pad change, or before/after track day/heavy hot usage
  • Coolant - on purchase, 2 yearly thereafter
  • Gear box oil - on purchase with synth
  • Diff oil - on purchase with synth
  • Power steering ATF - on purchase with synth

Off the top of my head, prioritised lists:


  1. ATF needs replacing for cold shifts < took another look, looks clean and pink and smells normal. Likely quite fresh. Shifts are actually fine, it's power mode that causes the issue no matter the temperature.
  2. Brake fluid looks OK, but should be flushed EDIT: 12th July 2016: Rear circuits were flushed through, right rear got fresh, left rear got it from the reservoir
  3. Brake rotors need a skim and better pads EDIT: 12th July 2016: Rear pads replaced with these: ... 0871537664
  4. Coolant looks OK, but should be changed < took another look, looks bright and green as it should, not going to touch this for another year or two, let's call it 2 years from purchase, which was now 8 months ago, so in 16 more months, or early May 2018.
  5. Power steering ATF should be replaced
  6. Diff oil can stay as is, diff upgrade pending
  7. Fresh oil and filter at 230740km/11th July 2016

Blue 740 Sedan

  1. Front rotors need replacing and moderately good pads putting on!Brakes in decent shape
  2. Oil and filter change overdue EDIT: 14th July 2016: Oil and filter done at 295k km, HPR10 highly refined mineral.
  3. ATF and filter need replacing for cold shifts EDIT: 29th December 2016: ATF flushed with ? . Pump dry, top up, pump dry, top up, repeat until not grubby any more!
  4. Brake fluid partially OK, but should be fully flushed
  5. Coolant dilute, water pump seal needs replacing, coolant reconcentrated
  6. Power steering ATF should be replaced
  7. Diff oil ancient, but diff upgrade pending
  8. Front tyres shake a little, should be moved to back and destroyed/replaced, pending diff upgrade


  1. Transaxle oil level low and oil old, good oil on shelf, procrastination in progress
  2. Oil and filter change overdue, but liquid gold installed, so not overly worried
  3. Coolant is stop leak, but nothing can be done until head comes off
  4. Brake fluid unknown, should be flushed
  5. Front rotors warped, skim or replace, and better pads
  6. Rear brakes binding a little, free up and maintain
  7. Electric power steering, figure out how to lube this so it feels good

Gold 240 Wagon

  1. Rear main seal pissing oil out at a great rate. Replace with new trans install. Sigh. < wrong, was blocked flame trap as per all volvos ever...
  2. Oil and filter change overdue, but condition not bad due to most kms = road trips EDIT: 13th July 2016: Oil and filter done at 306k km, HPR10 highly refined mineral.
  3. Brake fluid should be flushed through, unknown condition
  4. Coolant looks old, but is still green, should be changed soon < Dumped 14th Jan 2017, to be filled 15th Jan 2017, changed again early 2019 or sooner with engine build.
  5. Power steering ATF should be replaced
  6. Brakes OK but pad upgrades always nice...
  7. ATF full synthetic, no need to change, but filter probably very dirty, and first gear noisy, change entire trans
  8. Diff oil full synthetic 80w140 - no plans to change, will reuse in caravan axle when diff gets upgrade


  1. Power steering ATF should be changed
  2. Brake fluid flushed when I bought the car, change late 2017 or with brake upgrade
  3. Coolant fresh and good, but not high quality variety, change late 2017 or with new engine
  4. Oil change overdue, pending engine swap, hence delayed < Done, see post below.
  5. Transaxle oil is synthetic and good


  1. Coolant is water, radiator is knackered, change to green on upgrade
  2. Brake fluid is OK, changed a few years ago, change with pads.
  3. Oil on continuous change cycle for now :-p
  4. Power steering ATF unknown, change if bothered
  5. Gearbox oil never changed, but topped up with fresh stuff a couple of years ago
  6. Diff running non-synth 80w140 - upgrade if funds permit


  1. Brake fluid unknown, change ASAP
  2. Diff oil unknown, upgrade before next serious usage
  3. Gearbox oil unknown, upgrade before next serious usage
  4. Oil is dirty, change before next serious usage < done some time ago, check KP thread and/or twitter, zero miles since change, needs thinner oil or less oil, suss out once driving again.
  5. Coolant is water, but drained, dry now, radiator stuffed, upgrade, then fill with coolant
  6. No power steering! :-D

Mighty Ute

  1. Oil filled with coolant
  2. Coolant filled with oil
  3. No power steering yet
  4. Diff filled with who knows what, and who cares
  5. Trans filled with who knows what, and who cares
  6. Brake fluid should be changed with brake upgrade soon

60 VW

Not usable, no maintenance.

54 VW

Not usable, no maintenance.

Will post with each action and update relevant bits above. Comments welcome, argue with my logic anytime :-D


Author:  Fred [ Tue Jul 12, 2016 7:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fred's Fleet Maintenance Diary

Stagea got new rear pads and the back half of the brake fluid flushed today! Cheap nasty rear pads, but it's not fast yet, so it doesn't really matter right now. Edit time.


Author:  Fred [ Wed Jul 13, 2016 12:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fred's Fleet Maintenance Diary

Volvo 240 oil flushed, filter swapped, nulon lifter cleaner in, and HPR10 in with it. Mileage is 306,000, next one due at 310,000, hopefully with a new head, and some boost :-D ... 0830644224

Image ... 0411573248

Image ... 6784431104


Edit time.

Author:  Fred [ Wed Jul 13, 2016 1:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fred's Fleet Maintenance Diary

That lifter free stuff has this in it:

ethylene glycol monobutyl ether
solvent naphtha petroleum, heavy aromatic
oleic acid
ammonia anhydrous liquefied
naphthenic distillate, light, hydrotreated (severe)
isobutylene homopolymer ... 5vdXRiYWNr

Author:  Fred [ Thu Jul 14, 2016 3:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fred's Fleet Maintenance Diary

740 got the same treatment this morning. Mrs demanded a lift to work, so I picked up a filter for it, and headed home. Did the flush while my breakfast cereal marinated in milk in the fridge, then came in and ate while it drained. All back together. HPR10 and new filter are in the 740. That's the first non-cheap oil it's had since I got it. :-p Looked clean inside, though, which is both good and amazing :-D

Author:  Fred [ Thu Jul 14, 2016 3:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fred's Fleet Maintenance Diary

Also discovered that the 240 rear main seal leak is now pretty bad. Stopped in the driveway in two places for about a minute each, and found two small puddles. The dripping was constant. ... 1184073729


Backed it out and parked it back on the street, and on my walk back up the driveway, many pretty colours: ... 2580796416


Added to the top of the 240 list. Tis a shame, as that engine is running sweet again now. Oh well.

Author:  Fred [ Sun Oct 16, 2016 6:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fred's Fleet Maintenance Diary

The above got resolved with "flame trap" cleaning on both the 240 and 740 both of which were chockablock.

Up for servicing soon are:

  • Coolant for 240 wagon
  • Coolant for Stagea
  • Oil/filter for Lantis

Other items:

  • Up for WOFs soon (2.5 months) are: Pretty much all of them! :-/
  • Suzuki is out of rego and is smashed up to the point of no new WOF without fixes.
  • Hotel is decommissioned for now, sadly. Needs engine rebuild to get WOF, and some other work. Water pump is rooted, but not relevant.
  • Lantis has a flat tyre, left rear. But I have alternate wheels/tyres for it...
  • Starlet needs to be put back together, WOFed, and USED a lot.

Otherwise they're all in good shape and usable. 4 usable! :-) 1 in pieces! :-/ 1 not legal! :-( 1 smashed! :-( 1 parts car! 1 ute and 2 VWs stored. :-)

Spreadsheet updated minus 740 sedan details (too far to walk and find out).

Author:  Fred [ Thu Dec 29, 2016 9:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fred's Fleet Maintenance Diary

ATF flushed on the 740 sedan! Grubby brown stuff came out, but not burnt smelling. Now clear and red. Filter not changed, but... no big deal IMO.

Shifting might be smoother, but still bites hard, which is all I really care about. Cold sluggish 1-2 shift still the same, but may improve with miles on the new fluid?

Author:  Fred [ Sat Jan 14, 2017 2:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fred's Fleet Maintenance Diary

Checked the ATF and coolant in the Stagea, both actually seem fresh and clean and happy. So I'll check those off the list later from a computer. Currently in it up here: ... 5458860032


Author:  Fred [ Sat Jan 14, 2017 7:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fred's Fleet Maintenance Diary

Lantis just (235254km) got: ... 4713618432

New Penrite Vantage "semi synthetic" 15w40 mineral oil, a whole 4l went in, and a flush went through before hand, and some GTX 15w40 went through to push the last of the flush out.

6 brand new BKR6EY-11 plugs, installed unmodified with around 3/4 of the gap the worn out ones had. One rear plug boot was drowned in oil, hence the missing at idle, I guess. Tightened up all front cam cover bolts a little, but can't reach the rear ones without a major, so am not bothering, will keep an eye on it, instead. Dry for now, anyway. Driver's side plug, for reference.

It has done 15750 since I bought it, which is about 40 tanks, at 80-100nzd each, fuel spend of ~3600, compared to purchase price of 1600 and mechanical repairs of 500. IE, since I bought it 10th Nov 2014, a bit over 2 years ago, it's cost me 1500 more on fuel than purchase plus clutch + brakes. That'll only get better and better, but also since I bought it it's gone down in value to a floor of around 1000. Not bad overall, and super utilitarian plus a lot of fun to thrash.

Tweet tweet: ... 1567803392 and ... 5042567168

Pic pic:




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