Dutch says Hi from Holland

Keep the fun and games in here for now please :-)
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Dutch says Hi from Holland

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HI alll!!
long long loooooooooooooooong time since i offered u my couch Fred.....

anyway heres a pic of my car just because.. :indiff:


Frankie, The Netherlands.
ps. still on msn?skype?
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Re: Dutch says Hi from Holland

Post by Fred »

Frank!!! You're alive!!! I often wonder what the hell happened to you and the clan of Dutch nur addicts! :-)

You can always find me here, at the very least. MSN stopped working for me. Skype got bought by Micro$oft, and I dropped it. Still have the account, so could fire it up on a random machine if you want. I think the only protocols I still use are IRC and Jabber/XMPP/Gmail chat/gtalk chat. Can email, too!

Here's a picture of me in your old car, just because! :-)


So the car you posted, is it an Imp? Just checking :-)

Hi back, Frank! :-)

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