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Author:  Fred [ Mon Oct 07, 2013 1:12 am ]
Post subject:  Live Bait Tank(s)

Live Bait Tank(s)

The boat that inspired me to start this thread has a live bait tank with a glass window built into the transom, which is nice, and has some advantages, namely being able to reach the fish to use them. When your live bait tank is in the hull of the boat way down low, and the water level is quite far below the deck level, it's hard work extracting fish from the tank. On the other hand, if the tank is up high, it is riskier and more difficult trying to put fish INTO the tank, which is sometimes a high speed task (bonito handlining for eg). Another aspect of having the tank up high is that a pump is required to keep the water circulating. With a hull tank and smart use of scoops, it's self feeding, even at anchor. Some further points:

  • The above-deck bait tank in that boat had a recessed toe area below it, nice idea!
  • Square cornered tanks, square tanks in general promote fish damage as they crash into the walls
  • If using scoops to feed the tank, angling them at about 45 degrees allows the swing of the boat to circulate water
  • If using scoops, while going fast the supply of water can exceed drainage out and increase the level
  • If drainage out is from the rear (the obvious choice) most of it should be near the high tide mark so that if drainage exceeds supply, level doesn't fall
  • A single drain RIGHT on the floor of the tank is very useful to fully evacuate it at speed after blocking the feeds
  • The bottom of the tank must be made of thick abrasion resistant material (eg an inch thick of solid fibreglass)

An idea that I just had is to make the tank circular, which would normally mean too much weight/space taken up, or too small of a tank with small max fish size. My idea is to hollow out the tank with an empty tube in the middle for storage or some other purpose such as rudder mechanisms. If using scoops to feed such a tank, they could both have top half scoops to match, which face in the same circular direction, to promote a swirl and swimming fish. At the least the corners should be very large radius, ie half the smallest dimension.

Having both an above-deck and below-deck/in-hull tank would be great. You could literally have the best of both worlds. The below tank would be self-maintaining and the above tank would be only used when required/desired. If unused, it could be used for storage instead. The space it would take up would not be very useful anyway. If having an above deck tank, it would make sense to place it centrally.

Author:  Fred [ Mon Oct 07, 2013 1:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ideas For My Dream Boat

Items yet to be detailed/todo list:

Foredeck/Roof Storage/Relocatable Davit
Cockpit Requirements (work areas, fish size, access, dinghy storage, quad bike storage, etc)
Deck drainage/hatch design
Cockpit Storage Areas (including a place for the tender's outboard)
Control Stations/Instruments/Chairs
Sleeping Quarters
Head/Bathroom/Shower/cockpit curtain idea
Galley/Kitchen/Outdoor Cooking
Anchoring Systems
Cabin Storage Areas
Floatation And Bilge Pumps
Security Considerations
Stereo Systems NO TV
Fishing Systems (chair, poles, holders, rack above, winch, gaffs, nets, tagging pole, cutting boards)
Docking Gear (lines, boat hook, fenders/floats, stern anchor, spare warp)
Electrical Systems (battery banks (sealed against discgarge if flooded)), charging, inverters, nav, house, starting, lighting, winch power feeds)
Maintenance And Repairs (tools, spares, consumables, patch material, etc)
Navigation Package (Partly DIY? autopilot, radar, GPS/chart plotter, paper chart storage/table, depth sounder)
Offshore Safety (roll over, buoyancy, swamping drainage, extra fuel/water, desalinator, etc)

Random thoughts:

Flybridge layout, seating for skipper and 1st mate, seating looking forward, high enough to see out over front on the plane (leaning back), seating facing back to have social interaction with skipper and 1st mate, and somewhere to kneel to get a good view forward. Seating facing back for watching the gear while trolling for marlin.

Seating in cockpit for watching gear and/or relaxing at anchor in addition to portable fold up chairs.

Storage for 4+ windy buoys/fenders like this

Lighting and super structure: spot light(s) for close-quarters navigation + flood lights for working on front deck and in cockpit.

Radar + GPS + VHS/other radios antennas + riding light + stern light + nav lights on flybridge roof. Access to roof via ladder or climbing on structure (safe with wet feet) for maintenance and jumping off into water.

Underfloor sections isolated and sealed maximally in case of hull damage, prevent flooding of other parts. Under cockpit vs engine room vs cabins vs storage, etc.

Anchor well, minimum size to avoid tangles from movement in head sea. Cupboard below for storage. Two partitions inside? Stretchy cover net? separate chain?

Anchor manually for precision placement and fast deploy? Or shit/slow auto winch setup?

Dining table not in U, more like booth in a diner, cosey for 6, comfy for 4 + portable chair on end or 2, = dining for max of 8, table fits full size paper charts, with storage under.

Sleeping master double somehow + asymmetric V berth with two double width, 2 single width, luggage storage area. light goods storage below anchor well

Author:  Fred [ Sat May 31, 2014 11:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ideas For My Dream Boat

Another random thought: sea water stop cocks should have accessible panel mounted levers such that they can be easily turned on or off. Additionally, if the valve was a three way and could be made to source its water from a filter in the lower bilge, that could be very useful in an emergency situation.

Author:  Fred [ Tue Apr 26, 2016 1:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ideas For My Dream Boat

The boat that started this thread:


Author:  Fred [ Sun Oct 23, 2016 1:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ideas For My Dream Boat

Last night my attention and focus was captured and held hostage for several minutes by an Australian built vessel called Arenui, moored in Auckland's now-prestigious viaduct harbour (where I lived for a few weeks when it was disgusting). I spotted it from the car and went to take a closer look. I took a few pictures in the dark: ... 1135441920


Which was enough to find these pages: ... tor-launch for sale at a low low heavily reduced 750,000nzd :-D

And then this site:
With this similar boat: ... EMENT-.pdf



I CBF caching the images of the interior of Arenui, especially considering I don't even like it much.

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